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Our SaaS platform empowers your business with a team of specialised AI customer service agents, expertly handling tasks such as sales, technical support, store finding, pricing, availability, and more.

AI Contact Centre for
Technical Product Manufacturers

Our Expert AI Agents

DALL·E 2024-05-26 17.47.15 - A sleek, black-colored futuristic CPU with intricate, glowing

Learn how we can deploy teams of context-aware, task-specialist agents dedicated to managing and resolving customer inquiries, ensuring a seamless and efficient service experience.

Contact us today for a demonstration of our technology and for a discussion on how it could bring significant ROI to your specific organisation requirements.

Our Technology

Advanced Hybrid Search

Utilising state-of-the-art question answering techniques, Engaging Things incorporates CSIRO research to offer a hybrid search solution. This innovative approach enhances our ability to provide precise and timely answers to customer enquiries.

AI Vision for PDFs

Leveraging AI vision technology,  comprehensively answer questions based on text, images, and tables in PDF documents. This capability allows us to address complex customer service issues with high accuracy and minimal human intervention.

Seamless Agent Delegation

Customer inquiries are intelligently routed  to the appropriate specialised AI agent, ensuring customers receive the most informed support guided by business drivers.

Automatic Data Ingestion

Efficiently index vast amounts of data from diverse sources, including entire websites and YouTube channels, using sophisticated crawlers and APIs to continuously extract and update relevant information.

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